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Gain visibility on your inventory and material costs

Optimize your establishment’s margin thanks to the theoretical profitability established by your technical sheets and the composition of your sales.

Place your orders directly on your tablet

You have access to a complete supplier catalog, as well as to the history of supplier prices. Place your orders on the tablet and enter your deliveries. Access your order history and delivery notes.

commande tablettes
rentabilité recettes

Optimize the profitability of your recipes

Monitor your key indicators: cost price, margins and theoretical ratios. Ensure the profitability of your revenues.

Facilitate the entry of your inventories

Take your inventories directly on your tablet in your storage areas. No more retyping. Simply export in one click.


statistiques achats

Purchase statistics

Follow your purchasing statistics by supplier and on multiple sites: cumulative amounts and volumes as well as delivery differences.

Profitability calculation

Follow the theoretical/ actual profitability from the technical sheets of the dishes on the menu (cost and theoretical profitability), as well as your margins and commodity differences. Also analyze your sales and sales statistics.


calcul de la rentabilité

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