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Administrative and documentary management of your employees

Keep track of all your employees: developments and job changes.
Store all of their personal documents (e.g. contract, ID, medical check-up, disciplinary action, etc.)
Edit your official and up-to-date pay rolls.

Gestion documentaire et administrative
Plannings optimisés

Optimized schedules

Draw up your employees’ schedules quickly using time-saving tools. Mycawan alerts you when the rules of the collective agreement have not been respected. Share schedules with your employees. The integrated indicators make it easier to set up the schedule and control personnel costs.

Time sheets

Enter the differences between the schedule and real life. Manage your hours and optimize your salary costs. Draw up sign-off sheets for the hours worked.

Fiches horaires

Time clock

Follow the hours worked by your staff. Each time an employee is ahead of schedule, the time clock will notify them. The employee will be able to indicate the number of meals taken during the work day when clocking in or out.

Payroll preparation

In just a few clicks, the payroll’s variable elements are automatically calculated so that they can be exported to your payroll software. All you have to do is enter the additional information and give the editing or a mycawan access to your accountant.


Préparation paies
contrat de travail

Digitized employment contracts

Automatically generate your employment contracts, amendments and any type of administrative document you need to produce. In just one click your documents are merged with the information contained in mycawan.


Salary cost

Get your salary costs and operational staff costs per day, per site and per employee in detail.


coût salarial
grilles de salaire

Salary scales

When the number of employees becomes too large, a mass management of salaries is required. The application and monitoring of minimum legal wages, collective agreement or company agreement is done in a few clicks on all employees.

Distribution made simple

Manage service distribution and monthly allocation totals. The service points can be fixed or designated by the hour according to your operation. It is automatically calculated from the actual hours worked by the employee and the hourly rate indicated in their employee file.

Répartition de service

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