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What are the mandatory signs for your restaurant?

Chef and cook working on their dishes indoors in restaurant kitchen

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Are you a restaurant owner? You are obliged to display a certain amount of information in your establishment.

Some of this mandatory information concerns your staff and does not need to be made known to your customers. Others, on the contrary, must be visible to everyone, and in particular to your customers.

mycawan offers you a checklist of all the mandatory displays in your restaurant, in 7 key points.

1- Price display

You must display your prices including VAT. They must include the service and be displayed outside and inside your restaurant for at least the duration of the service.

You must also indicate the price of at least 5 wines or 5 drinks if you do not serve wine.

2- No-smoking signs

The smoking ban must be clearly posted at the entrance of your restaurant, as well as inside.

3- Signs for the protection of minors

If you serve alcohol, you must also post the sign for the “protection of minors and the repression of public drunkenness”. This sign must be posted near the entrance or near the counter if you have one in your restaurant.

4- The type of license of your restaurant

License II, License III or License IV: remember to display outside your restaurant the type of license it has.

5- The origin of the meat you serve

Since 2002, you are obliged to display the origin of the beef and minced meat you serve in your restaurant.

6- Allergens present in the dishes you serve

In reality, you are not expressly obliged to display the list of allergens in your restaurant. But if you don’t, you must at least indicate them on the menu or on a written document that your customers must be able to consult if they request it.

7- Posting for staff

There are many documents that must be posted for your staff and they can be posted on a separate panel, for example in the kitchen.

Do you want to simplify your staff management and access to mandatory documents in your restaurant?

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