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At the office, in the kitchen, in the dining room: digitalize your restaurant!

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Digitalizing your restaurant has never been so easy! Discover how with mycawan, the all-in-one solution created by restaurant owners for restaurant owners!

Digitalize your human resources

From the hiring of an employee to his pay slip and scheduling, the mycawan personnel management solution saves you time.

  • When hiring an employee

Don’t waste any more time writing contracts, amendments or updating your staff register: with one click, mycawan allows you to generate contracts and amendments and automates the updating of your staff register.

  • On a daily basis

With mycawan, you can manage all the day-to-day activities of your staff with a single click.

mycawan even allows you to provide your employees with a tablet to sign in and record their working hours.

  • When preparing payrolls

Preparing pay slips? A piece of cake! The system compiles the number of hours worked, paid vacations taken, to be taken or acquired, as well as the salary elements in accordance with the collective agreement.

All you have to do is send them to your accountant, or better yet, give him/her access to process all this information directly!

The best part: all your data is stored on the secure mycawan cloud. No risk of losing them, no need for storage space.

Digitalize the kitchen

Innovative and fun, the mycawan HACCP  solution allows you to save precious time for your team to manage your Sanitary Control Plan and to meet the requirements of hygiene rules in the restaurant.

Thanks to the tablet, you are perfectly mobile and you secure all your procedures:

  • Record the temperatures of the refrigerated cabinets ;
  • Record your oil tests and the action taken (change/filtering) ;
  • Record the receipt of goods ;
  • Take pictures of all product labels ;
  • Record product temperatures during cooking and cooling ;
  • Establish your checklists and daily maintenance schedules ;
  • Issue time-stamped and signed labels for all your products and automatically manage your internal DVS ;
  • Etc.

The best part: efficient online thanks to a Wi-Fi link or offline, mycawan alerts you in real time on the tasks to be done

Digitalize your management control

Do you dream of managing your stocks, your purchases and therefore your profitability in a few clicks?

mycawan allows you to place your orders directly with your suppliers with your negotiated rates.

Create all the data sheets of your menu in order to control the profitability of your establishment.

But that’s not all: mycawan offers you the possibility, thanks to its network of partners, to couple all this information with your cash register software.

mycawan is directly connected with our cash register partners in order to follow your theoretical consumption of raw materials on a daily basis.

Make your inventories directly on your tablet in your storage places. You will then be able to follow the possible discrepancies of goods.

The best part: whatever the number of establishments you manage, the power of mycawan offers you the same comfort of use!

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