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Restaurant and personnel management: kitchen jobs

Cooking process. Professional team of chef and two young assistant preparing food in a restaurant

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Rigor and a sense of hierarchy are the watchwords of the kitchen professions.

A good organization must orchestrate the different positions between them. The objective: to awaken the taste buds and make your customers want to come back to your restaurant. With mycawan, a complete digital solution, you facilitate your goods management, your HACCP procedures and the organization of your Human Resources.

mycawan takes stock of the different jobs in the kitchen!

The Chef, the highest ranking member of the kitchen brigade

Among all the jobs in the kitchen, the Chef is a manager:

  • team manager ;
  • in charge of the food budget ;
  • in charge of raw material supplies ;
  • supervisor of the HACCP process.

This is a position that is often reached after several years of experience. It is this experience that allows him to be both flexible and rigorous. These are two essential qualities if you want to achieve excellence in the kitchen!

The second chef: the trusted assistant

As the Chef’s right-hand man, he is also experienced.

He assists the Chef in his duties and is required to replace him in case of absence.

Methodical and disciplined, the second cook is still perfecting his or her knowledge in order to one day become a Chef.

The Chef de Partie: an expert in your restaurant

The Chef de partie is a specialist. Most often absent from small restaurants, he or she works in a fairly large brigade and must work with the other chefs de partie.

According to his affinities and skills, he becomes:

  • The saucier : beyond the preparation of sauces, this job requires an excellent knowledge of the products in order to achieve the right combinations. Very experienced, he or she is an essential part of the brigade.
  • The roaster : the person in charge of cooking meat and fish has a perfect knowledge of the product. He or she is able to carry out all the stages, from the cooking method to the presentation.
  • The fishmonger : this specialist of seafood products masters all the cooking of fish and shellfish.
  • The pantry worker : he is in charge of cold food and the first step of the preparation of meat and fish. He stores them or makes them available to other parties.
  • The entremetier : he cooks the side dishes and entremets, even soups if there is no kitchen garden.
  • The pastry cook : he prepares the breads, pastries and desserts.

The cook, a professional in the culinary arts in your restaurant

In addition to preparing and serving dishes, the cook can also take on several other tasks, depending on the size of the brigade:

  • management of supplies ,
  • storage and conservation of food ;
  • contribution to the elaboration of the menu ;
  • etc.

Ideally creative, gourmet and curious, his or her talent delights the taste buds as much as the eyes!

The clerk, the essential link in the coordination of the kitchen trades

The first level in the hierarchy of kitchen jobs, the clerk is a versatile agent. He or she can:

  • peel vegetables ;
  • prepare the meals of his colleagues ;
  • clean the equipment ;
  • etc.

His motivation and sense of discipline will make the difference in the evolution of his career.

The dishwasher, the guarantor of cleanliness

The dishwasher is responsible for washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. They may also be required to peel vegetables and trim fish.

In your restaurant, all jobs are important. However, the kitchen is the key to your restaurant’s success. Create your team with care, offer a tasty cuisine and delight your customers’ taste buds. Their loyalty starts with their satisfaction!

100% digital solution, mycawan helps you manage your restaurant teams.

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