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What clothes for the restaurant business?

Waiter with woman client in the cafe

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In a restaurant, in the kitchen as well as in the dining room, professionals wear specific work clothes. In addition to being comfortable, these clothes contribute to the safety of people and the hygiene of foodstuffs. Indeed, the sanitary control and the respect of the food safety standards are essential.

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Restaurant owners: what to wear in the kitchen?

From the chef’s hat to the shoes, let’s first take a look at the essential items for your restaurant’s brigade.

The chef’s hat

Emblem of the profession, the chef’s hat identifies the chef and his seconds at a glance. The other members of the brigade wear smaller hats.

The jacket

The jacket is an essential piece of clothing for the kitchen and is traditionally white or light in color. The chef’s jacket provides optimal protection for the upper body and is easily removed when needed. It protects the torso and arms against burns and splashes.

The cook’s pants

The jacket is always accompanied by pants. They have no cuffs to reduce the risk of contamination. Worn slightly close to the body while remaining comfortable, the cook’s pants must be easy to remove quickly if necessary.

The apron

In the food industry, it is customary to use an apron. The cook’s apron may or may not be accompanied by a bib that hides the chest. It is an additional protection against stains.

The safety shoes

The cook’s outfit also includes safety shoes. They must meet European standards. Sturdy and non-slip, they are generally equipped with a protective toecap and are completely closed. This protects the cook from falling objects. Of course, they must always be perfectly clean.

The work clothes in the dining room

Uniforms are not mandatory in the dining room, unless there is a specific clause in the employment contract. But you can choose to dress your waiters so that they are more easily identifiable.

Also keep in mind that the staff’s attire will be the first impression customers will have of your establishment.

Preferably sober and comfortable, your waiters’ clothing must facilitate body movements. A waiter or waitress has to move back and forth a lot during his service. The freedom of movement is therefore essential.

In classic restaurants, the waiter’s outfit can be broken down into 3 or 4 main pieces.

Restaurant waiter

  • White shirt and black jacket
  • Black bow tie (optional)
  • Black pants
  • Black shoes

Restaurant waitress

  • White shirt
  • Black jacket
  • Black skirt or black pants
  • Black shoes

But of course, you are free to dress your waiters and waitresses in the colors of your restaurant and according to the image you want to send to your customers… casual, classic, upscale, offbeat…

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